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Data Security

To protect our customers, no personal data is collected directly from our side. Neither the website nor the software transmits any personal data or other data sets about you.

Only the transaction ID, your transmitted wallet address and your purchased product are stored in an encrypted database via the website. No further data is collected from our side.

The web space provider saves data such as your IP address. You can browse the internet freely and anonymously using a VPN tool or TOR browser.

No cookies are required on this website as no data is collected from our site directly about the visitor. This website uses Google Fonts. By integrating the Google fonts, your IP address and other data may be transmitted. The software regularly queries the server (software version, license). Your current version of the software used, your registered wallet address in the software and your IP address (hosting provider Seiteg) will be saved.


The purchase of the software is matched using your stored transaction ID from the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. This data record is stored with us for your product management.

The Software

The usability is guaranteed by our hosting provider in the course of the license query to 98%. Unplanned outages can occur. However, this is not always foreseeable. Such as storms and natural disasters.

The lifetime version can normally be used indefinitely for a lifetime. However, it would be unrealistic to predict what the situation will be like in 10 years or more. Therefore, the Lifetime Service is guaranteed for 5 years. It does not have to be extended afterwards. This happens automatically.

Change Payout Address

Once the purchase has been completed, a change in wallet address can only be changed for a small fee. The fee is reduced to a minimum and is in the cent range.

The fee is used to verify the license holder as we do not have any personal information about the customer.

Last change on: 14. JUL, 2023 at 00:59 AM